FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated on April 20, 2020
Why should I join Trading7Club?
There are 3 main benefits of joining Trading7Club:
1. Learn everything about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading with our Educational packages.
2. Get Free Pioneer Rights and earn money passively.
3. Invite others to join Trading7Club and make money in up to 7 different Income Streams.
How much is the registration fee?
You can create your account in Trading7Club for free and you will get 10 Pioneer Rights just for doing it!
What is an Educational Package?
Trading7Club offers a whole course about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading divided in 6 Educational Packages:
You can at any time upgrade your package from e.g. Beginner to Intermediate by purchasing the Intermediate Package and only pay the difference between the Beginner and Intermediate Package. In this case you will pay $60 to get the new benefits, which is the difference between $90 and $30.
Only during Prelaunch you will get Free Pioneer Rights with each Educational Package you purchase, so don’t miss the chance!
What makes Trading7Club Genuine and Innovative?
Trading7Club is the very first of its kind. There is no other project on the Internet where you can learn everything about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading step by step and from 'a' to 'z', and at the same time earn money passively thanks to our Pioneer Rights.
What will I learn?
Trading7Club content is related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and trading. You will learn everything from the basic stuff to the most useful indicators in more than 50 video lessons divided in 6 Educational Packages.
You will also have to pass several quizzes during the course, as this is the best way to monitor your progress and ensure that you are having a good understanding of each lesson. But don’t worry! If you fail a quizz you can re-watch the lessons and take the quizz again :)
What are Pioneer Rights?
Pioneer Rights represent the right to receive a proportional part of the profits generated by Trading7Club. All Pioneer Right holders will be rewarded on monthly basis starting from Launch date (planned for July 2020).
What makes Pioneer Rights increase their value?
Pioneer Rights are initially valued at $0.10 each. We will create a limited number of Pioneer Rights, and that’s why during Prelaunch their price will steadily increase as new members join Trading7Club.
Based on our estimations, Pioneer Rights will be valued at $0.50 - $1.00 by Launch date.
How can I buy Pioneer Rights?
As a special gift to our early-bird members, only during Pre-launch you will be rewarded with free Pioneer Rights when purchasing any Educational Package.
For the time being, that’s the only way to get Pioneer Rights.
Most Pioneer Rights will be given away during Pre-launch, and the sooner you join the more you will get!
How can I get more Pioneer Rights?
Trading7Club offers a compensation plan with up to 7 Income Streams. A given % of the commissions earned by the members will be paid in Pioneer Rights.
You can read the details about Trading7Club’s compensation plan in our Terms & Conditions.
Why should I hold Pioneer Rights?
After Trading7Club launches Pioneer Right holders will be rewarded with a proportional part of Trading7Club profits on monthly basis.
As an example, let’s say that you have 10,000 Pioneer Rights out of a total of 1,000,000 and first month Trading7Club is sharing $150,000 amongst holders.
Each Pioneer Right will be entitled to receive $0.15 reward ($150,000 / 1,000,000 Pioneer Rights), so if you are holding 10,000 Pioneer Rights you will be rewarded with $1,500 USD.
Note that this example is only for explanatory purposes and real number may vary. Dividends will be paid each months based on Trading7Club profits.
Can I sell my Pioneer Rights?
Yes, of course. Shortly after Trading7Club officially launches Pioneer Rights will be converted to blockchain based smart contracted Rights. After that you will be able to withdraw them from our platform and sell or buy more on the open market.
I need to refer people in order to earn money?
No. There are 3 ways in which you can make money in Trading7Club:
1) Hold Pioneer Rights: You will get free Pioneer Rights when you purchase any Educational Package. While you hold them you will be rewarded on monthly basis based on the total profits made by Trading7Club.
2) Sell Pioneer Rights: During prelaunch Pioneer Rights price will steadily increase. Based on our calculations Pioneer Rights price will be at $0.50 - $1.00 by launch date, meaning that if you decide to sell them you can multiply your initial money x5 - x10.
3) 7 Income Streams: As new people join Trading7Club some may be placed under you and you will receive a commission each time that happens.
Of course, you will be rewarded also for each new person that you personally invite to Trading7Club. You can read the details about Trading7Club’s compensation plan in our Terms & Conditions.
Can I become a Country Representative?
Absolutely! In order to apply to become a Country Representative you need to:
1.- Register for free in Trading7Club
2.- Purchase an Educational Package
3.- Send us a support ticket from your backoffice